History of Idaho Trapper Association

The Idaho Trapper Association Inc, was founded in 1979 with the Certificate of Incorporation being issued by Idaho Secretary of State on January 17, 1980.

The nature of the business is to promote sound conservation, legislation, and administrative procedures to save and faithfully defend from natural resource waste; to promote sound environmental education programs; and promote a continued annual fur harvest using the best tools presently available for that purpose. The ITA further encourages sensible “Legislation and Adminstrative” procedures pertaining to the management of fur bearing animals, with opposition of bad legislation pertaining to the management of fur bearing animals.

The Association’s priority objective is to educate young trappers in the harvesting and management of Idaho’s resource, and to better educate the public on the consumptive use of wild animals as a necessary wildlife management tool.

To learn more about the ITA visit: www.idahotrappersassociation.com

ITA Fur Sale

  • Date: January 18th, 2020
  • Location: Elmore County Fairgrounds - Glenns Ferry, ID

Event Details: The 1st fur sale will be at the Elmore County Fairgrounds in Glenns Ferry on January 17th- 18th. This is only a one day sale.
5% commission for ITA members, 10% commission for non-members
0% charge for no sales

Check in times

  • Thursday, January 16th from 6PM-10PM
  • Friday, January 17th from 7AM-10PM
  • Saturday, January 18th from 7AM-10AM


January 16th-January 19th

Thursday, January 16th:
1:00 PM Set up tables
5:00 PM start checking in fur (if you show up before 5 we are putting you to work!)
9:00ish PM stop checking in fur
Friday, January 17th:
7:00 AM start checking in fur
Lunch on your own (food trucks outside)
1:00 Justin Webb Wolf Trapping
2:00 Rusty Kramer Cat Trapping
3:00 Mike Ward Wolf Trapping
4:00 Tim Conant Coyote Snaring demo
5:00 Skull Cleaning
6:00 Bernie Nelson Pelt Put up
9:00ish PM stop checking in fur
Saturday, January 18th:
7:00 AM start checking in fur
10:00 AM stop checking in fur
10.30 Justin Webb Foundation for Wildlife Management Presentation
Lunch on your own (food trucks outside)
1:00 Cory Mosby Furbearer Biologist Fish and Game
1:30 General Membership meeting. Don't miss this!
3:00 Live Auction of donated items. Auctioneer George Kortum
4:00 Jim Kramer Sewing up coyote, removing ear cartilage
5:00 Clayton Wetzstein coyote trapping
Sunday, January 19th
Bid in by noon
Announcing bids by early afternoon
Early evening-Breaking down tables