History of Idaho Trapper Association

History of Idaho Trapper Association

The Idaho Trapper Association Inc, was founded in 1979 with the Certificate of Incorporation being issued by Idaho Secretary of State on January 17, 1980.

The nature of the business is to promote sound conservation, legislation, and administrative procedures to save and faithfully defend from natural resource waste; to promote sound environmental education programs; and promote a continued annual fur harvest using the best tools presently available for that purpose. The ITA further encourages sensible “Legislation and Adminstrative” procedures pertaining to the management of fur bearing animals, with opposition of bad legislation pertaining to the management of fur bearing animals.

The Association’s priority objective is to educate young trappers in the harvesting and management of Idaho’s resource, and to better educate the public on the consumptive use of wild animals as a necessary wildlife management tool.

To learn more about the ITA visit: www.idahotrappersassociation.com

Idaho Trappers Association Fur Sale Schedule for March 2022


1PM Set up tables (you show up early we are putting you to work!)
5PM -9PM Checking in fur


7 AM - 9 PM All Check in fur
9-Noon IDFG selling furbuyer licenses, answer questions
Noon - 1 PM Kenny Kimball (Idaho) Water Trapping
1-2 PM Josh Rollins (Idaho) Bear baiting secrets
2-3 PM Brendon Ash (Idaho) Early Season Wolf trapping
3-4 PM Jim Ball (Arizona) How to catch 100 cats in a season
5-6 PM Bernie Nelson (Idaho) Fur handling for top dollar
6-7 PM Destry Haslett (Idaho) Bobcat trapping
6-7 PM Andy Weiser/Chuck Hedin (Nevada) Predator trapping discussion with two living legends


7-10 AM Taking fur in. Be here before 10AM or you miss out!
8-10 AM IDFG. Selling furbuyer licenses, answer questions
8-Noon IDFG Wolf Trapper Certification Class (must be registered)
9-10 AM Rusty Johnson (Idaho) K9 Tips and Tricks
10-11 AM Rick Friedrich (Missouri)Starting a new trapline-scouting
Noon - 1 Scott Ramsay (Idaho) Wolf trapping in the snow
1-2 PM Cody Kittleman (Arizona) Bobcat trapping. Line lining Arizona style.
2-2:15 PM Cory Mosby (IDFG Furbearer Biologist) IDFG updates
2:15-3:00 PM Rusty Kramer General Membership Meeting DO NOT MISS. Fur price update, lynx/grizzly lawsuit, convention update, banquet update, furbearer season changes, general questions. Facebook Live Event.
3:00 - 4:00 PM Don Stamp (Idaho) Tribute video of late son Ted Stamp. Don't Miss!
4-6 PM Live Auction of donated items w/ George Kortum. Don't Miss!
6-7 PM Don Sickels & Mike Key (Idaho) Wolf and bobcat snaring, snowmobiles, lessons learned
7-10 PM Tim Knecht (Wyoming) Live Music. Free admission. Paid for courtesy of the ITA.


10-Noon Eric Saltzman (Montana) Porky plucking and prepping for sale
10-Noon Don Judkins (Idaho) Getting the most out of your fur, marketing and prepping for sale
10-Noon Eric Hansell (Nevada) Fur grading - good and bad at sale
10-Noon Moscow Hide and Fur Prepping hides for taxidermy
Noonish Bids read. Fur shagged. No sales collected last
After Noon Need help breaking tables down