Western Regional Trapping & Outdoor Expo

June 11 - 12, 2021

Elmore County Fair & Rodeo
855 E. 1st Ave.
Glenns Ferry, ID 83623

Demo Schedule

Haley and Holey Jepson: Martin & Bobcat
Toby Walrath: How the Anti-Trappers Work
Dan Helterline: Finding Wolf Locations
Todd Smith: Pine Martin
Rusty Kramer: Long Line Management
Bob Sheppard: Interpreting Wolf Behavior
Johney Whisenhunt: Professional Tips
Mike Ward: Managing a Wolf Line
Kendall Obermier: Coyote Trapping
Justin Webb: Wolf Trapping
Lesel Reuwsaat: Coyote and Bobcats
Andy Weiser: Locating Coyotes
JR Pederson: Wolf Trapping in Alaska
Wayne Derrick: The Legends of Trapping Q&A Gary Jepson, Chuck Carpenter


•Foundation for Wildlife Management
•Fur Bearers Unlimited
•Harris Traps
•Idaho Trappers Association
•Inter Mountain Fur Harvesters
•Moyle Mink & Tannery
•National Trappers Association
•R.P. Buys Horns
•Southern Snares
•Sterling Fur
•Upper Snake River Trappers
•We Trap Em Supply
•Western Cats

Special Outside Vendor: Camtrip Cages